PitagorinesGroup is focused on innovation. As a result of this, most of our projects are based on the most leading technologies. Best results are received for being at the vanguard.


We have here “The most important trusting technology in history” said by experts. It opens the doors to something previous thought as impossible: To live without the intermediary people needed to give that confidence.

What does this means? 

It’s an applicable technology to any sector. Applying blockchain benefits are uncountable, in insurances, health, transportation, logistic or industry… All of these can get profit of this progress.

What about the future?

This technology would change deeply our society. Opportunities offered are huge and in the next years it will burst into modifying traditional businesses models.

Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality (AR) is the term used for define a real world physical environment vision through a technology device. Tangible elements are combined with virtual elements creating and augmented reality in real time.


FIWARE or FI-WARE is a platform driven by UE to a global deployment and development of Future Internet applications.

FIWARE tries to provide an opened, public and free architecture as well as a group of specifications letting software developers, service providers, companies and other organisations to develop products satisfying their own necessities, still being opened and innovative.

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