With Pitagorinesgoup you will have a trusted CTO and the necessary team to develop your project, from an initial idea to its complete evolution. We are entrepreneurs and we work with entrepreneurs, that’s why we know your problems and we know how to solve them. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to develop and integrate the best solution to each situation.

We are entrepreneurs, we know what you need.

How much are server costs? Do I need an application or a website? What technology should I take? Am I paying excessive costs?

An entrepreneur doesn’t have the need of technology knowledge. Nevertheless technology and entrepreneurship are closely related. Now it’s the time to lose your fear. You will have someone to trust on who will help you in your technology related doubts. We will provide you a team composed by engineers as you were a big company. Technology won’t be your Achilles heel anymore. It will be your strongest value.

Your painting to the world. Nothing tells more about your business that your own website.

First sight matters, so it’s a necessity to have a fast, fancy and SEO optimised website. Road to success begin with the fundamental pillar of your website. It is the place where your interested customers arrive. Your website is your sales manager.

Minimum viable product: LET’S VALIDATE

An entrepreneur is not a big company. Budgets are limited. It is necessary to validate the project. Let’s build together a functional MVP, let us know what customers thoughts are, what we have to change, what we have to improve. Afterwards there will be time enough to develop the final product.

The time has come. Let’s bring life to your idea together

This is one of the most important moment to an entrepreneur. It’s time to make true your idea. Let’s begin this process together until the end. We want you to be proud after the development; as we. It’s an important step to create something big.

Let’s do something big together

We used to be entrepreneurs too. We know the wishful thinking, dedication and effort given to bring to life an idea; a dream.

We also know the sacrifices you have to carry out. Because of this remembering we want to help you. We all start from scratch so technology doesn’t have to be a concern. It has to be a way to reach an aim: Make you BIG.

We are here to help to your business!

With innovation, creativity and determination