Thyssenkrupp MWC Barcelona


Mobile application created for the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona. All the relevant information about the Expo, the city, and everything that happens during the event is included in this application. This mobile application allows all attendees to be informed about the relevant events and issues that will take place before, during and [...]



Our mission is to support our clients to develop and market innovative products. To accomplish that, we offer a complete 360-degree service. From concept generation and innovation strategy through to product development and market launch, Inspiralia helps companies with their global product launch: Delivering more than expected: we are client focused and surpass expectations Being [...]



BringUp is a new trending localized social media app for connecting people by enabling to post a message from their current location and to share it only with those who are physically close to that location. The concept is simple: ANCHOR A CHAT ROOM. Bring UP will never show your current physical location to other [...]

Fen Technology USA


Fen is a firm that offers to their clients the best of a new product development company that excels at delivering technical solutions in a wide range of market sectors and enables disruptive innovation with their capabilities. Fen specialized team and highly qualified engineers have also developed a good number of innovations that are now part of  their product [...]

Fundación Sicomoro


Fundación Sicomoro has the objective of expanding Spanish scientific knowledge. As a result of this they work on investigation, application and dissemination of Complex Systems Theory. Is it possible to understand society, companies, countries or ecosystems as a whole? Is a young foundation with huge excitement about complex system comprehension through a scientific, collaborative and [...]